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Inspirational Children’s Books by Patricia Marie G 

Key To The Gate LLC understands that children need positive stories to inspire their young minds. Patricia Marie G is a Christian author whose tales entertain young audiences while helping them to thrive spiritually. For inspirational children’s books that spread an uplifting message, read what our author has to offer. Ideal for kids at home and in the classroom, our children’s books are a welcome addition to any bookshelf. 

All books purchased through this site are collectible signed editions. Also, these fun stories are available as e-books and Kindle editions. Place your order today for the inspirational books that will make a ripple in the lives of your children.

Message of Hope, Faith, and Healing 

All of our author’s work is suffused with a powerful message of the hope and healing that we can achieve through faith. These works seek to shine the light of heavenly love through the written word. We believe that by sending positive stories out into the world, we can start to make meaningful changes in peoples’ lives. 

When it comes to the most innocent and vulnerable members of the family, the stories here are inspirational tales to nourish young minds and souls. We feature a story about a rescued dog that kids love to hear. This tale of compassion helps to reinforce the natural care and love that all children have. Our author dedicated this story to the individuals and families who have saved a dog or a cat from the shelters.

Inspiring Hearts and Minds 

The right words have the power to unlock the love and faith waiting in each heart. Our author aspires to write the books that are the keys you are looking for. Children yearn for hopeful tales. Let your children hear ours. New titles appear on this site as they are completed. Be sure to check back with us again. We want to share with you our healing words of love and faith. We hope they mean as much to you as they do to us. Thank you for helping us spread our message to others! 

Contact us to order uplifting Christian literature. Our books are available to readers of all ages nationwide.